Branding, Corporate ID AND LOGO DESIGN

In today’s age of instant communications, the “push” method of convincing our customers of what they need, has changed to the “pull” strategy where storytelling is used to engage the customer on a deeper level where emotional rapport is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

DJ Campbell Advertising can assess your current marketing position, make recommendations, develop a comprehensive plan or address any individual area that may require help. We will listen first and make sure we understand your brand story and that it’s consistent with the customers’ needs. A strong branded story should drive all efforts in marketing and business behavior.

In most cases your logo is the first thing someone sees concerning your company. The first impression of your company is very important and could make the difference of obtaining a new client or missing out. A professionally designed logo that is well designed and well thought out, is a positive indicator that your company operates with high standards.

Making a good impression, attracting new customers, standing out from your competitors, looking professional and providing an informative representation of your services are all very important when designing a logo.

We can help you meet all these needs for your company, by designing a custom logo that will represent your best qualities.

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